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Welcome to Colorado Department of Education Behavior Tools Wiki!

This wiki was created by the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) FBA/BIP Workgroup as a resource for behavior planning teams.  The resources included in this wiki were reviewed by the 2015 Serious Emotional Disability (SED) Taskforce.


If you would like to see a resource included on this wiki, please contact Bill Brown, Affective Needs/Serious Emotional Disability Consultant, at Brown_W@cde.state.co.us. 


A variety of screening/assessment tools, interventions, and resources are provided on this wikispace.  These suggested resources do not represent an exhaustive list, nor are they required or endorsed by the Colorado Department of Education (CDE).  The identification or description is for the purpose of providing an example and does not constitute CDE's endorsement.  Every effort has been made to identify the citation for the resource; please maintain the citation and/or authorship when adapting or modifying these materials.


Acronym Guide

FBA = Functional Behavior Assessment

BIP = Behavior Intervention Plan

Downloads and descriptions of FBA/BIP tools and resources:

FBA Data Collection Tools:

FBA BIP Data Collection Tools and Resources

FBA Structured Interview Tools

FBA Record Review

FBA Observation Tools

Electronic Resources & Apps

Interval and Time Sampling Forms


BIP Tools:

BIP Self-Monitoring Tools

BIP Instructional Resources

BIP Goal Development


BIP Action Planning and Team Tools:

BIP Consultation with Parents and Families

BIP Action Planning

Team Tools


Crisis Planning:

BIP Crisis Plan


Technical Adequacy:

FBA BIP Fidelity and Technical Adequacy




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