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BIP Self-Monitoring Tools

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Resource  Description 
Self-Management and Self-Monitoring Intervention Central: Self-Monitoring Resource for Guidance 
Self-Monitoring Sample Data Collection Tools PBIS.org: Sample Interventions for Self-Monitoring
Self Behavior Checklist Maker Intervention Central: User Manual for Checklist Maker Self Monitoring Tool 
On-Task Self-Monitoring Sheet Intervention Central: On-Task Self-Monitoring Sheet 
Self-Management Checklist  University of Kansas: Checklist for school teams implementing self-management interventions for students

Zones of Regulation:

Self-Monitoring Form 

Self-Monitoring form for students based on the Zones of Regulation 

Chart with Teacher and

Student Ratings for Classroom Behavior 

Students and Teachers can rate and compare scores for engagement, respectful communication, and other classroom behavior components
Self-Monitoring Checklist  Student checklist for Self-Monitoring focus and work completion
Tools for Self-Monitoring The Autism Vault: Student tools for Self-Monitoring compliance with expectations and goal completion 
Self-Management Example Student Form University of Kansas: Example Self-Management Student Form 
Self-Management Blank Student Form University of Kansas: Blank Self-Management Student Form 
Self-Monitoring Intervention Sheet Intervention sheet from The Master Teacher - Teaching students how to self-monitor 

Direct Behavior Rating:

Self Management Systems 

An information document re: the use of Direct Behavior Rating systems for students to self-manage and evaluate behavior

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